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Workshop Experiences - Deposits/ Pay in Full

Workshop Experiences - Deposits/ Pay in Full


Workshop experiences from our home barn studio Chacewater, Cornwall.


(NB Workshops are not eligible for the 10% discount just made products in the shop).


All workshops perfect for beginners as support will be given throughout. See more about each workshop session under the ‘Experiences’ tab on website. 25% deposit is non refundable this is due to sourcing materials and planning of work around workshops if you pay in full and cancel remaining 75% will be refunded. (If postage is added at checkout please tick the option to ‘collect from studio’ so you don’t get charged postage on top).


If you would like to gift a workshop, please pay in full and checkout and send me the details of the recipient and I can send them or you a confirmation voucher through the post for that workshop and my contact details so they can book a date.



Bloom or Raku Cottage and bowl workshop

1 Deposit for half day £11.25

2 Deposit for full day £22.50

3 Pay in full - half day £45

4 Pay in Full - full day £90


Serenity (full day handbuilding large coil vessels - best to do following attending Bloom Workshop)

5 Deposit £31.25

6 Pay in full £125


Upcoming dates below or message to arrange a date/time convenient to you.

Message to arrange a date or choose from:



email me to arrange a suitable day.








Thank you Cara.

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